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Barnstone Art for Kids addresses Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) as a public health concern. Our research developing and experience delivering the Power of Art has alerted us to the lack of clear information and resources available to the public.  We are currently building an ACE and Resilience Awareness Campaign to publicize the concern of childhood adversity and a chart path toward its elimination.

Our Campaign encourages broader acceptance within the community to face our biggest challenge – the stigma associated with domestic violence and childhood adversity.  We hope to help families overcome the fear of humiliation and shame and persuade struggling families to seek support.  

Together, by raising awareness and encouraging resiliency programs in community organizations, we can help many families mitigate the long term risks of childhood adversity.

We look forward to meeting your requests for information and services.  Please contact Barnstone Art for Kids for more information or to schedule a presentation.

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