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Deliver the Power of Art through your Organization
The students who really enjoy art looked forward to the program each week.  Even the children who weren’t so confident in their artistic ability became more comfortable with expressing themselves in the different ways presented to them by Barnstone.  One child told me that they thought art only was drawing, and they were happy the program didn’t make them draw, but use different elements to create art.

Barnstone Art for Kids is distinctive in that our comprehensive art education and creative activity programs can be delivered to the children in multiple locations across Chester County, PA.   In an effort to reach the child population with the least access to beneficial art programs, Barnstone Art for Kids staff and volunteer mentors travel to offsite premises and organizations who serve similar target populations. We provide the Power of Art at the partner site and customize the program for each individual population requirements and goals. We have opted to concentrate our efforts in Chester County and vicinity, focusing our efforts on creating a robust, focused and effective program before branching out.

Organizations interested in offering the Barnstone Art for Kids Power of Art please contact us.

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