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Every day in every program we see changes: an increase in eye contact; more substantive participation; a deep belly laugh from a quiet corner.  We see a reduction in wandering and fidgety behavior.  The quiet ones talk. Children encourage one another.

Each child brings his or her own immediate goals and desires to the program.  The aim of the Power of Art is not to create artists, it is much more powerful and significant to identify what each child wants out of the program. For example, early in the program,*Charlie is intent on mastering the use of scissors. He is investigating control over paper and pipe cleaners, and learning limitations of cutting pencils and pens. *Micah wants only to make aliens, every single week.  He feels empowered by deciding the direction to take his project.

We have observed even more substantive growth over the course of the program.



Lily was initially introduced to us as very shy...

Adian never quite felt like he fit in...


After severe neglect in her early years...
We can’t say with any certainty that an adolescent *Lily will be use her “voice” to prevent an unwanted teen pregnancy and go on to express her feelings in a public forum; or that *Aidan will avoid drugs and alcohol, finish high school and dance his way into his dream of stardom; perhaps one day *Laura will become a nutritionist and teach sustainable farming to inner city youths.


*The stories are direct from our program. Children’s names and photos have been changed in accordance with our policy on confidentiality.