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  1. What do you like most about volunteering as a mentor?
    Watching the kids come out of their "shells" as confidence builds.  Forming relationships between kids and mentors
  2. My favorite Power of Art project is:
    Building a boat!  The kids are always so excited to see it float!
  3. I can never pass up dancing to:
    80's music
  4. The thing I like most about myself is:
    I call things like they are (gets me in trouble sometimes)
  5. I could eat a million:
    Dark chocolate sea salt caramels
  6. If I could go anywhere in my time machine I would go:
    Back to the 80's carefree fun!
  7. I totally believe in:
  8. My favorite exotic animal is:
  9. My go to karaoke song is:
    I've never done karaoke
  10. If I was granted 3 wishes, my first wish would be:
    To end hunger
  11. The only thing I would bring if I was stranded on an island would be:
    A blanket, I'm always cold!
  12. My super power of choice is:
    To fly
  13. I am weirdly obsessed with:
    Chairs of any kind
  14. I never leave home without:
  15. My favorite pizza topping is:
  16. When I wear my optimist glasses I see:
    Art in everything
  17. Nothing scares me more than:
  18. My guilty pleasure is:
  19. Nothing makes me laugh harder than:
    A good group of friends
  20. The craziest thing I ever did was:
    Crash a Harry Conic Jr. after party - So Fun!
  21. One thing on my bucket list is to:
  22. I feel passionate about:
    Children and the arts
  23. The thing I miss most from my childhood is:
    No worries
  24. My secret talent is:
  25. Outside of school or work my favorite thing to do is:
    To be by the water, preferably the beach
Monique Hedegard