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  1. What do you like most about volunteering as a mentor?
    Creating fun projects and playing games with the kids at Barnstone.  After working a hard day at work, it's nice to spend time working on cool projects and seeing how focused the kids are on their projects.  It's awesome!!
  2. My favorite Power of Art project is:
    The Jackson Pollock splatter paint project.
  3. I can never pass up dancing to:
    Michael Jackson - his music is timeless
  4. The thing I like most about myself is:
    My ability to make people laugh
  5. I could eat a million:
    Gummy bears/sweet tarts
  6. If I could go anywhere in my time machine I would go:
    Back to high school and pay more attention
  7. I totally believe in:
    What goes around, comes around. If you do good, you will receive good.
  8. My favorite exotic animal is:
    The koala bear
  9. My go to karaoke song is:
    "Holiday" by Madonna
  10. If I was granted 3 wishes, my first wish would be:
    More wishes!
  11. The only thing I would bring if I was stranded on an island would be:
    A hammock
  12. My super power of choice is:
    To fly-I would avoid traffic going to work.
  13. I am weirdly obsessed with:
    Scary movies
  14. I never leave home without:
    My cell phone
  15. My favorite pizza topping is:
    Everything except anchovies or onions
  16. When I wear my optimist glasses I see:
    A world where everyone excepts everyone from all walks of life
  17. Nothing scares me more than:
     Spiders. Yuck!
  18. My guilty pleasure is:
    Sleeping late on weekends. It never happens, but I do try to make it happen.
  19. Nothing makes me laugh harder than:
    Watching Ellen Degeneres scare people on her show
  20. The craziest thing I ever did was:
    Eat alligator at Disney World
  21. One thing on my bucket list is to:
    To travel to Paris
  22. I feel passionate about:
    Volunteering and helping others
  23. The thing I miss most from my childhood is:
    Sliding down the staircase on a mattress
  24. My secret talent is:
  25. Outside of school or work my favorite thing to do is:
    Work on projects in my home
Tony Riley-Hill