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Our Mentors are the backbone of Barnstone Art for Kids. We know how lucky we are to have such an amazing group of volunteers. The people who work with our children are generous, loving, and wonderfully creative. Mentors and the relationships they nurture help our kids feel connected. They know that they are not alone in dealing with life’s stressors. Research shows that kids who have had positive mentor relationships are more likely to enroll in college, hold leadership positions later in life, and volunteer themselves in adulthood. These are really strong outcomes showing that the work we do today pays off in their later life.

Barnstone Art for Kids knows that MENTORS MATTER! If you are interested in learning more about becoming a volunteer mentor, p
lease fill in the volunteer application below and email to


It’s free, easy, and can truly make a difference in
the life of a child!

Teacher with Pupils
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