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Emerging Voices (ages 12 and older)

This program specifically considers the developmental tasks of adolescence, and their need to have their own space. Teens are guided through their creative expression with more challenging art projects, listening to music and having more fluid, open discussions with their peers and one-to-one mentors.

Like the Power of Art, teens continue
with development of communication and social skills, adaptive problem solving,
self-awareness, confidence, and healthy self-care in a safe, supportive environment.


Beyond the Power (all ages)

While the Power of Art continues to
spread positive connections and nurturing relationships throughout the community,
a need emerged for those “graduates”
who had already matriculated through
the program. Hence Beyond the Power was born. Once a month, our “graduates” and their mentors have the opportunity
to return to the safety and comfort of Barnstone Art For Kids and reconnect with one another while engaging with art. This program is generally less structured than the Power of Art and focuses more on interaction across the entire group. Beyond the Power meets on the third Thursday of each month.

Kids in Art Class

On The Go (all ages, site specific)

​Barnstone Art for Kids recognizes that families sometimes face transportation and related issues that inhibit their ability to participate in our on-site programs in the barn. In response, we have developed programs with some of our community partners to bring our work to kids in their communities. Each of our On the Go programs are specific to the needs of the kids served, but the focus on art-making, safety, and building skills of resilience are at the forefront of all we do. 


Awareness Campaign 
(community wide)

​Barnstone Art for Kids provides vital community resource information and supportive services to our participating families. This can include information on our programs, community resources, educational materials on trauma, or any other useful material related to mental health in our community. Presentations and information are also provided to schools and community organizations.
As we continue to grow, Barnstone intends to increase its presence as a resource. If you or your team would benefit from an interactive, multimedia presentation on any of the trauma or mental health-related topics mentioned here, please contact us so we can plan
an engaging learning experience,
courtesy of Barnstone Art for Kids.
As with all of Barnstone’s programs,
these presentations are offered free
to our community. 

Museum 1

Summer Studio Workshop 
(ages 6- 11 and teens 12-18)

Children in our community are often left
with too few options for meaningful, fun activities in the Summer months. 

Our Summer Studio workshops meet for 6 weeks June-July.

Teens will meet once a week at a workshop based on the concepts of mindfulness, experimentation, reflection, and personal growth.  


Children ages 6-11 will meet once a week in a workshop reflecting activities based on the concept of process art.


For more information and to apply for our 
Summer Workshops 
click here



Art Fun

Power of Art (ages 6-11)

Barnstone Art for Kids created the Power
of Art; a comprehensive, trauma informed program that provides a compassionate mentor and an exciting curriculum. The program was designed to build self competencies in a safe and supported environment helping kids develop resiliency to mitigate the risks of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE). The Power of Art is a year-long, trauma informed resiliency program that reinforces our 4 key values: Building Confidence, Healthy Expression, Nurturing Relationships and Inspiring Passion

Art Class


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