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Liam is only 8 but those excited eyes have seen a lot in their years. His parents are struggling with depression, PTSD and substance abuse issues. They love him and want to be in his life, but for right now they need to focus on getting better. At his young age Liam doesn’t comprehend all the details, but he knows he feels safer in the care of his grandparents. He knows his routine, and is learning to count on others to provide support and comfort when he feels worried or scared. Tuesdays at Barnstone have become an integral part of Liam’s routine where he feels comfort and trust in his Mentor. The barn has become a place where Liam builds confidence, experiences a sense of belonging, and thrives in the welcoming environment 

“Liam absolutely loves Barnstone!  It makes me so happy to see him proud of his work.  So often, his hard work in school doesn't give him the feelings of success he feels when he walks out of Barnstone on Tuesdays.  He is now telling me he wants to be an artist when he grows up.  What an impact you all have on these kiddos!”

- Liam’s Grandmom

It is only with your support that Liam has the opportunity to heal, cope and grow at Barnstone Art For Kids. We are grateful for your support, and ask that you join us again to continue the work here. 

“Barnstone Art  for Kids is so appreciated
for making a difference in our girls lives. They know things they didn't before because you show them, believe in them and inspire them to try new things.”


- Parents of Children in the Power of Art

“Working with Barnstone Art For Kids and Lisa and Sean over the years has been a fantastic experience.  Each week, the kids look forward to their next project and what they can create!  I can see the opportunity the program provides for the youth has made a MEANINGFUL difference in their lives.”

- Alexis Boswell, Executive Director, Phoenixville Area Positive Alternatives

“Without Zen After School club after school I would be bored with my homework. NowI can spend some time 
with my friends 
doodling, laughing and learning new things.”


- Middle School Student


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